Know These Basic Home Brewing Ingredients And Their Importance

18 May

It is considered a fun and educational process if you will try to conduct brewing beer at home. Aside from the many different ways that you can home brew your beer, there are also the essential ingredients that you must include every time you do your own home brewing. Malt, hops, yeast, sugars and water are the basic ingredients when you home brew beer.


To start with your homebrewing at Woody's Home Brew, let us talk about the most essential ingredient and this is malt, of which the most commonly used is the kind called barley malt. There are other kinds of ingredients that can be considered too such as rice and corn, however, these are not the preferred ones. There are two different types of barley malt that you should know, and these are 2-row malt and 6-row malt, where the larger grains and less husk is the 2-row malt.


The malting process at Woody's Home Brew starts as you steep the grains until the grains are in germination mode, and then quickly dry them. Until such time when the steeping or mash have started in the home brewing process, the enzymes on the other hand which converts starches to sugars, remain frozen.


Let us take up the second ingredient which is the hops, and this one is responsible for the flavors, aromas and bitterness of the beer that we have been tasting for all these 1,000 years. Hopes contained special oils which act as the balancing factor when released during the brewing process. There are different levels of acidity of hops, and these can be bought in pellet, leaf or whole hop forms. Read more about alcohol at


The next ingredient is yeast and know that there are two kinds of yeast to be used in home brewing, and these are the ale and lager yeasts. You can tell the main differences of these two yeasts by the characteristics they give to the end product of your home brewed beer. The characteristic of ale yeasts is the floral aroma that it brings to your beer and these are much easier to handle during the fermentation stage, as per the experience of many brewers. The lager yeast on the other hand would require much lower temperatures to ferment and will give the floral aroma similar to that of the ale.


For home brewers, be aware that most yeasts are manufactured commercially, and can be bought in liquid or dry form.


Another essential ingredient to home brewing is water which is important in the sense that it can affect the outcome of your end product. Note that waters would vary in its content depending on the area, like one place may have more minerals in their water as compared to another location, of which this would affect the style of your beer.


As for the sugar ingredient of your home brewed beer, know that its content will affect the taste and alcohol level of your beer.

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